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By Susanne Bernard

The weak economy has caused families to shrink household budgets, looking for ways to save money. Proper maintenance of a car - especially one that is paid for - is a guarantee that will not only save money, but will also keep your family safe on the road. Preventive maintenance can reduce the overall depreciation of your car; provide better performance; and avoid costly repairs to major vehicle components. An ounce of prevention is a cure for major breakdowns when you least expect it.

Advantages of preventive maintenance

There are many advantages to performing preventive car maintenance on a regular basis, peace of mind not being the least of these. An encounter with car trouble usually occurs at the most inopportune time. This unexpected interruption can be avoided with basic maintenance or a complete overhaul check-up. Take your vehicle to a certified auto mechanic who will do more than a visual inspection. The potential hidden dangers require a diagnostic assessment with the latest automotive technology. Also, preventive maintenance allows you the time to plan for repairs. A breakdown on the highway leads to the additional cost of having your vehicle towed to a service station.

Types of preventive maintenance

The primary component of your vehicle is the engine. Therefore, you should have your engine checked on a regular basis. Problems with the engine have a direct link to how well your car performs. If the engine does not crank, the car is useless. Regular oil changes help to improve the engine's performance. An oil change costs approximately $30; a new engine could cost $3,000. Checking the brake system is also important because it is one of the most often used components. Grinding, squealing, or pulsating brakes should be checked as soon as possible. Also, do not forget to flush. Old fluids can lead to your vehicle running poorly. Flushing the transmission, brake, and cooling system fluids are essential maintenance techniques. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for mileage and/or time intervals for fluid changes.

Do not stall if a repair is needed

Have your car repaired as soon as possible if you notice a problem, or the mechanic discovers a problem with your vehicle during the inspection. This will prevent major damages and having to sacrifice your child's college tuition for the repair bill. Warning lights are there for a reason, so pay close attention to the safety features on your car.

The importance of properly maintaining your vehicle cannot be overly stressed. Preventive maintenance, with the help of a trusted mechanic, keeps your vehicle running properly, and will save you time and money.

Safe travels!

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