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By Peter Emerson

Car spoilers are aerodynamic additions that are normally mounted on top of a car's trunk or positioned under the front bumper. Car spoilers make a car unique and stand out in a crowd. Car spoilers also improve the car's performance and sometimes stimulate its resale value.

Car spoilers are quite easy to install, and usually come with sealing gaskets and mounting bolts. Most car spoilers are made from polyurethane, while some are made from lightweight steel or fiberglass. Some spoilers make use of a combination of two or three dissimilar substances. Car spoilers made of "high impact resin" have high density with extreme temperature resistance and are super impact resistant. These types are also lightweight and durable, and will not crack, separate or sag.

The frontal car spoilers are also called air dam. The rear spoiler, sometimes known as a wing, provides a downforce for better stability when accelerating at top speeds. Some rear spoilers come with a warning brake light built into the spoiler.

Car spoilers used on a race car reduce its lift and drag, as well as increase the amount of force pushing the vehicle's tires to the road surface. These, in turn, would ensure to boost in traction, permitting the car to brake, turn, and accelerate properly and more forcefully.

Spoilers come in different weights, therefore adding any amount of mass to the rear of a car will impact driving in varying augmentations. A car with a good spoiler means that there is less resistance, which would result in a higher top speed.

Car spoilers are available universally, and can be ordered through the Internet as well. Many designs are offered for each vehicle manufactured. Generally, spoilers can be purchased unpainted so that one may have it painted for an accurate color match with their car.

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By Hamza Ejaz

Auto accessories are important for the beauty and functionality of your cars. They not only endow your vehicle with style but also help to add function to it. Also, auto accessories help you to maintain your car. Some of these accessories are useful to improve the performance of the vehicles. There are a number of auto accessories that you can find in the regular stores as well as online shops. These include interiors as well as exterior accessories such as lights, floor mats, carpets, car seat covers, car covers, exterior mirrors, wheel covers, windshield wiper blades, air bags sound systems etc.

Different auto accessories have different functions. Some of them are useful to improve the look of your car while other help to keep it clean. Floor mats and carpets help you keep your car clean and save it from general wear and tear. Seat covers are also important to help protect the original covers of the seats and adding style to the interior of your car. You can find scores of different materials, colors and designs in car seats and get the one which complement your car. Sound systems are imperative for the ones who cannot do without music. You can go for hi-fi DVD systems which can turn your car into a theatre.

Air bags are important to give you protection in the face of jerks or deadly accidents. Pet barrier is another accessory which is useful in terms of safety. It is used to keep animals in the back of the car in a safe manner. You can also go for cargo liners that are useful for providing safety to the trunk of the vehicle. In the same way, exterior mirrors are useful to provide you with better driving experience.

It is entirely up to you as to which auto accessories you wish to get. However, there are some essential ones such as car floor mats, seat covers, air bags etc. which you must get in order to add function to your car. Lights and wheel covers can help you to beautify your vehicle while car covers are important to maintain your car in the long run. The choice of auto accessories also depends on your own budget. if you can afford, you can get as many accessories as you like while if you cannot spare much money for these accessories you can simply settle for the basic ones.

Here you will find an overview of Chevrolet El Camino Parts and Chevrolet Equinox Parts


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By Darrell Heimer

Coolant that's used in today's modern engines usually contains a combination of water and antifreeze.

As its name indicates, antifreeze aids in the prevention of water freezing in a cooling system of a vehicle.

Automobiles in colder climates are frequently open to the elements of temperatures far below the freezing point of water-32 degrees Fahrenheit- so the purpose of "antifreeze" is very vital.

If water by itself was used in a cooling system during very cold temperatures, it would turn to ice quickly.

It's essential to remember that water expands, like ice cubes do in a freezer.

Water, which is the only known matter in the environment that does this, cold temperatures tend to make all other natural substances get smaller.

Water can expand so much in an engine block with such force that internal damage can occur, such as cracking. Should this happen, there is no other choice but to replace the complete engine block.

Vehicles that are poorly maintained, with the proper anti freeze ratio, most generally experience this problem.

As a result, you can see why it's so important that your water to antifreeze ratio be checked, especially in the case of you having added water to the system, antifreeze by itself lowers the freezing point of the mixture, the more antifreeze, the lower the freezing point.

As a general rule, no more than 70 percent of the total liquid volume in the cooling system should consist of antifreeze.

If any more than 70 percent is added to the cooling system, the mixture's ability to remove heat from the engine will be reduced greatly, possibly causing engine damage.

Temperatures of 32 degree Fahrenheit will freeze water!

On the other hand, water - antifreeze mixture will not freeze until a much lower temperature.

Adequate temperature protection is normally reached with a 50 - 50 ratio for most vehicles.

Vehicles operated in colder climates may require more antifreeze, while those in warmer climates may require less antifreeze.

When in doubt always refer to your owner's manual or your local service technician for proper water - antifreeze mixtures.

For those that would like to check it yourself, there are antifreeze testers available at your favorite retail outlet.

With approximately 30 years served in the maintenance of various vehicles, I have been exposed to many problems due to the neglect of proper antifreeze maintenance. When having your vehicle serviced make sure to have the antifreeze checked at the time you are there.


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By Susanne Bernard

The weak economy has caused families to shrink household budgets, looking for ways to save money. Proper maintenance of a car - especially one that is paid for - is a guarantee that will not only save money, but will also keep your family safe on the road. Preventive maintenance can reduce the overall depreciation of your car; provide better performance; and avoid costly repairs to major vehicle components. An ounce of prevention is a cure for major breakdowns when you least expect it.

Advantages of preventive maintenance

There are many advantages to performing preventive car maintenance on a regular basis, peace of mind not being the least of these. An encounter with car trouble usually occurs at the most inopportune time. This unexpected interruption can be avoided with basic maintenance or a complete overhaul check-up. Take your vehicle to a certified auto mechanic who will do more than a visual inspection. The potential hidden dangers require a diagnostic assessment with the latest automotive technology. Also, preventive maintenance allows you the time to plan for repairs. A breakdown on the highway leads to the additional cost of having your vehicle towed to a service station.

Types of preventive maintenance

The primary component of your vehicle is the engine. Therefore, you should have your engine checked on a regular basis. Problems with the engine have a direct link to how well your car performs. If the engine does not crank, the car is useless. Regular oil changes help to improve the engine's performance. An oil change costs approximately $30; a new engine could cost $3,000. Checking the brake system is also important because it is one of the most often used components. Grinding, squealing, or pulsating brakes should be checked as soon as possible. Also, do not forget to flush. Old fluids can lead to your vehicle running poorly. Flushing the transmission, brake, and cooling system fluids are essential maintenance techniques. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for mileage and/or time intervals for fluid changes.

Do not stall if a repair is needed

Have your car repaired as soon as possible if you notice a problem, or the mechanic discovers a problem with your vehicle during the inspection. This will prevent major damages and having to sacrifice your child's college tuition for the repair bill. Warning lights are there for a reason, so pay close attention to the safety features on your car.

The importance of properly maintaining your vehicle cannot be overly stressed. Preventive maintenance, with the help of a trusted mechanic, keeps your vehicle running properly, and will save you time and money.

Safe travels!

Susanne Bernard is a writer who specializes in writing articles and blog posts for small to mid-sized businesses. She can be reached through http://www.FYIMediaServices.com or by email, sbernard@fyimediaservices.com


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By Tony Tracy

Valuable tips on how to polish aluminum wheels on your car, van, SUV, truck or even your motorcycle or streetbike.

Having the proper tools and knowing the proper procedures on how to polish alloy wheels is essential in doing it right the first time.

The polishing procedure is quite similar to polishing any type of object for the initial time. The coarseness of the surface of the object will help you decide what sandpaper grit you need for your alloy wheels.

Once you begin this process you will quickly realize that a lot of time needs to be invested as well as plenty of perseverance and attention to detail to make sure the job is done right the first time around. Jumping ahead or taking shortcuts will definitely cause unnecessary headaches later on so make sure you pay attention and learn how to polish wheels correctly.

Let us begin with the proper materials that you will need to polish your wheels:

1) Firstly, you will need to purchase sandpaper grits ranging from 400 to 2,000 depending on how badly damaged or eroded your aluminum wheels are. You can easily purchase these at your local hardware store for a cheap price.

As an additional option, you can also buy a sanding block which may help you in the initial few steps but is not completely necessary. You can easily substitute the sanding block with the highest grit sandpaper at 2,000. This will require a lot of manual labour and elbow grease on your part but it will definitely be worth it.

2) Secondly, find some medium to large sized plastic bowls, or buckets, to hold water for when you are performing wet sanding. Since they will most likely be really dirty after you are done, it is best that you do not use your favourite salad or food bowl.

3) Thirdly, you will need a good quality polishing agent to buff up your alloy or aluminum wheel to get that newly bought shine. There are many brands on the market today so choose the one that you are most familiar with.

4) Fourthly, it is also good to include soap and water which should be used to clean the wheels between each step of the polishing procedure. Even though not many people will include this step, it helps to make sure that you do no obtain dirt scratches in the latter steps where you will be using the higher grit sandpaper.

5) Lastly, have some soft non-abrasive or microfiber towels or cloths handy for applying the polish and the finishing touches to your alloy wheels.

Now we're ready to start the process on how to polish wheels properly:

1) Firstly, let us begin with your aluminum wheels. There are many types of damages that can happen to them. This ranges from scraping them along the edge of a sidewalk when parallel parking to erosion from salting on the roads in cities that have harsh winter weather.

2) Start the polishing process by using the lowest number grit sandpaper which should be 400. You will notice that after a short while of sanding, particles of the wheel should be evident as it starts to come off.

3) After you have completed the initial light sanding with the lower grit, take your soap and water and thoroughly wash the wheel making sure that it is clean and free of debris before beginning the next step of sanding with a higher grit of 600.

4) After this step, you can wash the wheel again and move on to the next highest grit of 800.

5) Repeat the same process for the next few steps until you get to the highest grit sandpaper you have which should be 2,000. At this point in time you should see that the surface of the metal will begin to look shinier. Do a visual inspection to make sure that the surface is smooth and there aren't any uneven dips or bumps. If you do find any, simply pick up the same grit of sandpaper that you just used and correct those faulty areas.

6) Once you have gone through all the various grits of sandpaper you should notice that you have a very even and consistent surface on the surface of your wheels. Since you have been sanding it, it will not look nice and shiny yet but it should look smooth. It is very important to go over the entire wheel again to look for flaws because if you missed any, when it is completely polished, imperfections will be magnified and easily identified.

7) When you have completed all your sanding and inspection of the surface, to make sure it is all smooth and devoid of flaws, take your soap and water and wash your wheels again. This time you will want to wash it good to make sure you have removed all of the dirt, oil and particles. Then take your microfibre or non-abrasive towel and begin to apply the polish. Do this a little bit at a time as you will want to rub it into the wheel until it starts to change to a greyish black color. Wait until it dries and then buff it off with another separate clean towel. If you would like it to be shinier you can repeat this process by adding another coat of polish.

If you have truly followed these steps and learned how to polish wheels correctly, the finished piece should result in a flawless like-new shine when exposed to sunlight. At that point in time you can sit back and enjoy all the hard work you put into learning how to polish aluminum wheels. Even though it is a lot of hard work, if you follow all the steps and complete the process carefully, you will be rewarded with magnificent wheels that look much cleaner and shinier than the ones you began with. Now take this new found knowledge on how to polish alloy wheels and show it off to your friends and family!

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By Jojo Brando

If you are taking a look over this particular article, you might be one of the thousands of people who are proud owners of an American classic, the Chevy Silverado pickup truck. So, apart from just being able to drive this symbol of power and class, you might be considering the various means towards improving on its look even further, which might lead you to some Chevrolet Silverado accessories.

So what accessories are these you might ask? Well there are actually a lot of different things that you can do to really make your ride something that turns heads when people see it. Instead of listing out all of these accessories, I will rather list some of the areas of the accessories, so you can determine what part of the vehicle might need the most improvement.

The first of these areas that you might aim to improve would be the exterior details. This can mean all kinds of different things that subtly but very vastly improve the look of your machine. Things like door handle trim, a new grill, mirror covers, window sill, rain guard window visor, bug and stone guard hood protector, taillight bezel, tonneau cover, tailgate handle cover, so on and so forth. This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what all is actually out there.

Another area of improvement might be the interior design. While the options become slightly more limited here, it does not imply that it is any less important to the overall scheme. This can be any of the following; custom floor mats, custom designed sunshade, steering wheel covers, wood dash accent trim, bed liner or bed mat, tie downs, console trim, and even some seat covers to add a little bit of class while you are saving the quality of the seats in your ride.

Still another area that you might consider improving would be the electronics of your ride. This might mean adding in some TV screens for those in the backseat of your crew cab, or it could mean just making that cab bump by taking the sound system to the next level with some sub woofers and new speakers. Other electronics accessories to consider includes radar detectors, GPS navigation system and perhaps, a backup sensor or if you want maximum assurance for safety, a backup camera. So whatever you decide, your truck can benefit from being as technological as it is beautiful.

While there might be other areas of consideration than this, these three should give you a good place to begin your accessorizing. While you can certainly find several different means to make your Chevy Silverado unique to you, unless you learn about all of your options and the various places that you can pick them up from, you are just going to have a stock truck on your hands... Not that there's anything wrong with that.

So if you were curious about the various ways that you can trick out your truck with some Chevrolet Silverado accessories, I can trust that you are a little better prepared to take on the task. Sure there are lots of things to consider, but you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to change when you decide to make some accessory purchases

Jojo Brando writes for Showtrix about Chevy Silverado aftermarket accessories at http://www.showtrix.com

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By Michele Situazione

When you're looking to personalize your ride, your car audio shop is your one-stop shop for truck customization inside and out. While these mobile electronics retailers often specialize in the audio video equipment you need to soup up your driving experience, most also offer the truck accessories you need to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. So whether you're looking for the latest car DVD system or want to trim out your truck with step bars or a bed cover, your local car audio shop should be able to help!

Truck Accessories

Perfect for getting the look and function you want out of your truck, accessories are a great way to customize and upgrade your vehicle. Ranging the full gamut from aesthetic options to practical additions like tool bars and bed liners, truck accessories are your solution for personalizing your vehicle to meet your specific needs. Your local car electronics retailer should stock a great selection of accessories for your truck and can help you find the specific products you need to get the most out of your ride.

Car Audio Video and More!

Of course, if you want to enhance your driving experience, your car audio shop can help as well. With hot car electronics like in car DVD players, remote starters, car video, and in dash navigation systems, you can upgrade the interior of your truck as well. Creating a personalized in-truck entertainment and navigation system can make driving your truck-whether it's around the block or across the country-even more comfortable and enjoyable.

So if you're ready to take your truck to the next level, you can get everything you need at your area car audio shop. With one-stop convenience and everything you need to customize your truck's interior and exterior, these pros can truly help you get the absolute most out of your truck. Call today!

Michele Situazione drives a customized 2001 Ford Mustang and is an Internet marketer for Prospect Genius, offering online local advertising for small businesses.

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By Joquan Mae

The days of bumper stickers proudly proclaiming the drivers opinions or supported causes have been lost in the masses of traffic. Cars and trucks are made of less metal and more plastic - the kind that won't let anything adhere to it. Between the technical advancement of automotive manufacturing and the evolution of drivers, the demand for car and truck accessories has never been greater. Yet the need for drivers to self express has never faded. Today's drivers want enhancements for their car or pick up truck that will increase the value, performance, style, function and add a personal touch.

Car and truck floor mats preserve the 'newness' of a vehicle and are made of quality materials that withstand daily use and are easy to clean. Virtually any type of vehicle made, has a quality car seat cover made to fit it. Seat covers offer a unique way to show a personal style while being functional to preserve and protect the upholstery underneath.

While car accessories are widely available for the interior, the exterior offers opportunities to add some chrome accents on the door handles, gas cover and license plate holders. Cars can get a performance enhancing boost with a new performance programmer. Examples of popular car accessories include:

o WeatherTech Floor Mats

o Coverking Car Seat Covers

o Coverking Dashboard Covers

o Coverking Protective Car Covers

o Putco Chrome Trim Accents

o Superchips program modular

The pickup truck has fast become a common vehicle throughout the world. For many truck owners, the truck bed goes unprotected, exposed and unused. The tonneau cover revolutionized the practicality of owing a pickup truck. A quality made tonneua cover is easy to use, locks, protects and offers full use of the truck bed cargo area. Mud flaps also commonly called splash or mud guards are a necessary accessory to be a courteous driver and benefit from a cleaner truck. Adding any type of exterior truck accessory definitely adds a personal style and function to your life. Stainless steel tube steps made it easy to get in and out of the truck. A carpeted bedrug makes the truck bed soft and safe to haul delicate cargo. To beef up a truck's torque and power add a programmer and a new intake air system to make towing and getting around easier. Examples of popular truck and sport utility accessories include:

o WeatherTech All Rubber Floor Mats

o Extang Tonneau Cover

o Ultimate Flap (Mudflaps)

o Bedrug

o Superchips programmer

o Nifty Nerf Stainless Steel Step Tubes

o AEM Exhaust Air System

As is the vast selection of products available, so is the choices of where to buy car and truck accessories. Today consumers have the choice of buying made in China floor mats from one of the big box stores, mail ordering from a parts warehouse, or shopping at an specialized auto and truck accessory retailer. Technology and the use of home computer have created a yet another great resource for consumers, shopping via the internet. Select auto and truck accessories retailer are also e-tailers. Some of the best automotive e-tailers offer an easy online shopping experience that helps narrow the search of products that fit specially to your vehicle backed with expert product knowledge and quality automotive grade accessories. Savvy consumers can save time, money and show some style by accessorizing their car or truck.

Joquan Mae is a content manager at Ultimate Truck and Auto Accessories. Visit her site at http://www.ultimatetruck.com

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Like your motor vehicle, your caravan needs special care and service to last you for a long time.

1. Keep it in shelter

Leaving your caravan unprotected from the sun and adverse weather can result in premature damages to your caravan or motorhome. Make sure that your caravan is covered in shelter at all times. The sum can have a damaging effect on your caravan's or motorhome's interior.

2. Keep windows closed

This may seem to be an obvious thing but I have instances where the windows of the caravan were not securely closed. This simple tip help prolong the life of your caravan or motorhouse. The slightest gaping hole on your window will eventually led to dust and moisture to the interior and will eventually led to your interior fading away. So securely close your windows and door will go along way in protecting your caravan.

3. Keep it roadworthy

Your caravan is a road vehicle so you are legally obliged to keep it roadworthy. The best way to do this is to have it serviced annually. The service will cover running gear, brakes, and lights. The service will also include the habitation side of the caravan. The water, gas, electrical and heating systems will all be checked and maintained.

4. Empty your caravan

Taking care of your caravan or motorhome means that after that enjoyable outing, empty everything as you prepare to store your caravan for a long time until your next trip, usually some few months. Get rid of all food, water and all your left over's. this will help prevent malodour, moisture and unwanted insects in your caravan.

5. Clean your caravan

After each and every trip, I clean my caravan. This is what I do to clean my caravan:
- I clean out the pipes throughout the caravan. I tend to use Milton Sterilising Fluid (the one you use for babies bottles, etc) when sterilising the pipes. I fill my Aquaroll with water, add the Milton fluid to it and then block the waste pipes. Then turn on all the taps and fill the pipes until the water stays in the sinks. I generally leave the water in the pipes for 2-3 hours before removing the waste pipe plugs and letting the water run into the Wastemaster.

6. Do your own inspection

- Make sure the Leisure battery is fully charged and that all 12v appliances are working okay.
- Put the gas bottle back in the caravan and make sure that the cooker, heater and fridge all work okay using gas. We normally run the fridge and heater on electricity but it is always best to check that they work on gas as you never know when you might need to use them on gas!
- Although I have had the caravan serviced I still check the handbrake to make sure it is operating okay. I also inspect the tyres and check their pressure, and then check the torque on the wheel nuts.

7. Drain your caravan

• Turn off the gas supply.
• Turn off the water supply.
• Locate external water drainage plugs underneath your caravan and open them.
• Turn on all taps including the shower and leave open. Make sure that nothing obstructs plugholes and leave the showerhead in the shower tray or bath.
• Flush the toilet and ensure that all water is drained from the cistern.
• The pipe work should be 'blown through' using compressed air to make sure that all water has been removed from your holiday home.
• It is advisable to add a small amount of antifreeze or salt into any remaining water in the toilet as well as traps in the sinks and showers.
• Ensure that any water heaters are drained.

Having already isolated the gas supply, turn the water temperature control to position 1 (warm) and then having a suitable container below the drain valve, allow the water content to drain by unscrewing the drain down valve. The drain down valve should not be replaced until the water heater is used again.

8. Taking care of your caravan in winter

My winter caring for the caravan is a little different from the summer one. The first thing to do is to remove all the contents from inside the caravan, including all the caravan cushions and the mattress from the fixed bed. If they are left in the caravan they could become damp so if you have room in your house it is best to remove them.

After giving the inside of the caravan a good clean and polish (including all the appliances) you have nearly finished the inside. Leave the fridge door open to prevent mould building up inside. I leave all the taps in the open position and put plugs in the drain holes. That's the inside prepared for the winter.

Make sure all tanks are empty, that includes both hot and cold water. We tend to leave the drain taps open. Don't forget to empty your toilet flush tank as well. If any water is left in these tanks and the weather becomes really cold, the water will freeze and expand which will split the tanks.

Next, remove the toilet cassette and give it a good clean. Warm water and a tiny amount of washing up liquid usually does the trick. Always make sure you use cleaning materials recommended by the manufacturer as unsuitable cleaning materials may cause some damage. Dry the rubber seal and then lubricate it. I usually use olive oil for this but you can get a specialised maintenance spray. Make sure you leave the blade open, then replace the cassette back into place.

Give the outside of the caravan a good wash and polish.

Next, I jack the caravan up and put it on to axle stands. This takes the pressure off the tyres and prevents flat spots forming. If you remove the battery, make sure it is stored in a warm and dry place and is charged up every four weeks.

Now we are nearly done! All that is left is to fit all the security devices. Because I leave my caravan in our driveway, I tend to fit as many as possible. This includes a hitch lock, wheel clamp on one wheel and the integrated Alko wheel lock on the other. I also fit corner steady locks on the rear.

Finally, for added security I put a heavy-duty chain around the chassis and fix it to an anchor point which is concreted in to the driveway. This may all sound a bit excessive, but I would not want to wake up one morning to find my caravan missing.


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There are lots of considerations that have to be aware of when you are looking of a tire. Whether it is used or new tire, there must be a shrewd decision if you will purchase the item. You need to know first what exactly the kind of tires that you are going to purchase. For instance, you have a heavy equipment loaders, vehicles as well as backhoes; with these you need to search for its tire that have the greatest capability and can last longer.

Backhoe is generally used on constructions as well as excavations simply because it is an adaptable vehicle. It can perform lots of works together with other types of equipments in the construction. The particulars of the machine are the combination of the actual excavator and the loading machine. That is why it is used by many contractors which are into the construction businesses. If you have the backhoe, the first thing to become aware is the parts of the machine. You are going to look currently the stores which are selling the parts prior to it have got to exhaust and break some parts.

One of the parts from the backhoe that is important is the tires. These tires will eventually lose the capacity to support the actual backhoe, and then you are going to substitute the tires when it happens. You have to decide what type tires are you going to purchase and the capacity of the tires to be installed to the backhoe. The tire in which you are going to put in your backhoe includes a great role on the functions and also the balance from the backhoe. It is important that you should know also exactly what the tires that contain great pressures inside are. Visit your nearby tire seller and ask for assistance associated with finding the right tires for that application of the backhoe. You will find tire dealers that are specialists on identifying the best tires for a certain vehicle.

You will find popular tires that are widely used now, which are the standard tires. Strong tires are offered also by which it is filled up with materials that can supports the vehicle upon tough and tough applications. There are also tires that is not very easily deflate or even have a pit about it because it possess supplies which makes the actual auto tires more strong and difficult.

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Third party logistics (3pl) companies offer many services to their clients. Hiring carriers to safely transport goods in a timely manner is just one responsibility of a 3pl provider. Due to the Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010, stricter truck driver safety measures are being implemented. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is at the forefront of executing this plan to further reduce commercial vehicle crashes, fatalities, and injuries on our highways and roadways. In turn, this is putting more responsibility and legwork on the plate for all 3pl companies.

CSA 2010 is a new safety program in which truck drivers must participate. Each individual truck driver's score will count towards the carrier's overall federal safety rating. This greatly affects a 3pl provider because they will now be responsible for ensuring all carriers they contract with are within a reasonable safety score. It is suggested that 3pl providers reach out to carriers to discuss CSA 2010, their current rating and to learn more about their safety practices.

With the federal government's stricter standards on rating trucking companies on behavior and performance, everyone involved is sensing greater pressure to make themselves more aware of the procedures and statistics. Not only can a carrier, or an individual truck driver, face legal repercussions resulting from an accident or injury, the 3pl that hires them may as well. This is why the FMCSA, through CSA 2010 initiative, is making carriers and 3pl's alike review what they are doing to insure safety precautions are met prior to anything being loaded onto or taken to the streets on a truck.

Safety standards are evaluated under the Safety Measurement System (SMS). This is a thorough examination of each truck driver's on-road safety. The SMS encompasses overall unsafe driving history, fatigued driving, or duration of service, driver fitness and health, use of controlled substance or alcohol, crash involvement history, cargo assessment and knowledge of best practices.

While the FMCSA has rated driver safety in the past, the development of CSA 2010 takes current safety recommendations to a higher level. The new evaluation structure includes an enhanced compliance review (CR). In addition to more detailed areas of review, the new program provides better solutions tailored to address specific problem areas.

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The front grill on your car performs a number of functions, both aesthetic and mechanical. Primarily the grill is there to allow air into the engine compartment for cooling purposes. As the car moves forward some of the air that would otherwise be deflected up & over the car is allowed into the engine space through the open lattice at the front of the car - the grill. The fact that it is way out in front of the car means that it is a highly visible item to other road users and passersby. Such a visible item cannot be allowed to be just a functional item - it must have style. That style needs to be instantly recognised by an onlooker such that the car brand is immediately associated with the car.

The style, shape and emblem are there on the front grill to reminder us of the car manufacturer - it is mobile advertising. It is not just an image statement for the manufacturer, it is a part of the style and looks that the owner has bought into and is showing to the world.

Part of the front grills weakness is, alas, is the fact that it is at the front. Any stray object in the car's way is likely to hit that grill. A cracked and damaged grill, although relatively inexpensive of itself, can make an otherwise well maintained car look shabby and uncared for. It would spoil the looks and image that suit car and owner. Why not have a stronger grill?

Designed to fail.

A stronger grill may prevent minor damage to itself but what about other parties involved? Directive 74/483/EEC says in item 5.2. 'The external surface of vehicles shall not exhibit... any projections of such shape, dimensions, direction or hardness as to be likely to increase the risk or seriousness of bodily injury to a person hit by the external surface... in the event of a collision'. Your grill is made so that it doesn't injure people in a crash. No wonder it can be so easily broken, but don't worry there is a cost effective way of finding replacement parts.

Searching at up to 255 breakers and scrap yards at one go could greatly improve your chances of finding that quality used front frill or the body parts you need. It will probably save you time and money. Let us help your search for cheap vehicle parts.

Cheap scrap car spares could help your car stay on the road at a reasonable price. Click on the accompanying links to start your search.

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Auto collisions are one of the leading causes of vehicle damage. They are unfortunate incidents that damage outer auto body the most and also cause technical problems in automobiles. However you cannot stop all those unfortunate incidents to be happened, you can actually get your vehicle back in its shape and working condition with the help of some experts automobile collision repair services that are dedicated to help those who are seeking a professional help to take care of their damaged vehicles.

Collision body repair is not an easy task to do as it sounds; it is a complicated process that needs expert hands and a long experience to be done right. Automobiles are complex machines that are made up of various parts with every single part performing its own unique task making a machine fully functional to serve you in its best condition. There is also a big role of the outer body of the machine that has its own importance in making a machine successful on the roads. So, experience and expertise is all that is required to repair a vehicle after an incident of collision.

When it comes to repair a damaged vehicle after a collision, a professional Automobile collision repair service can help you to get your vehicle back in its full working condition. They help you fix auto body damage of all kinds ranging from door dings, fender benders, unibody and frame repair, bumper repairs, paint less dent repairs, hail damage repairs to all paint color matching and custom painting repair services. With the help of their latest tool and technology, they help you a lot to fix your vehicle the way it should be fixed and to your satisfaction. With the expertise to do auto body repair on foreign as well as domestic vehicles, they also offer you expert assistance in claiming insurance for your damages.

Professional collision repair services always give you satisfying results and your car a rejuvenating look that enhance the beauty of your vehicle forever! They straighten unibody and frame damage to factory specifications to help you feel relaxed knowing your vehicle will drive correctly after the repair. By offering paint less dent repair, towing scheduling, accident report assistance, insurance claim negotiations and many more, they help you to make your life easy even after an unfortunate incident and your vehicle in its previous condition to actually return the safety, structure and appearance of your vehicle to factory specifications to ensure your safety on the road.

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The name performance chip states the meaning itself. These chips reorganize ignition timing, fuel system and all other elements that increase efficiency of your car. These chips boost your vehicle's power and improve its performance. They optimize engine efficiency of your car so that you get improved speed and performance. You need to install this chip in your engine so that it gets information and data from ECU (electronic control unit) of your vehicle.

These chips make far-reaching changes in your automobile's functioning. Majority of vehicles manufactured have lower performance, and this creates trouble for drivers transporting heavy loads. Performance chips assist in regaining this lost performance of your vehicle by increasing its efficiency. They bring about changes by increasing the transmission pressure, improving piston timings and regulating cooling fan.

You can install these chips in about half an hour. There are two kinds of chips, which you can install in your car. You can install the first type of chip under your car's dashboard. You have to attach the second type permanently to the onboard computers. These chips also work with other car upgrade systems, such as the exhaust systems.

This chip installs special settings to your engine so that you get the required data and information regarding the engine. You just need to fit this chip in your car and start driving it. These chips hold all the tables that state fuel rates when you drive in particular conditions.

The superchargers are other important aspect of performance chips. These systems provide forced induction in the engine by using an air compressor. Normally, two kinds of supercharger systems exist, namely dynamic compressors and positive displacement. Positive displacement provides constant boost to the engine whereas dynamic compressors measure the RPM (revolution per minute) of the engine.

If you want to increase the power and speed of your vehicle then you can select a program, which increases the horsepower and torque of your car. In addition, you can also improve fuel efficiency of your car by using Performance Parts to control on-board computer. If you want your car to perform better, you need to install these chips in your car.

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It is very easy to repair car paint scratches and chips if you have good instructions and right tools. A scratch can go into 4 layers, clear coat, paint, primer and metal. Depending on how deep the scratch is, you would use different car paint repair technique. Here is what you need to do:

Before starting the repair, wash your car. Use auto soap that is specially designed to remove all the grease and wax to wash the scratched area. Next, determine how deep the scratch is. Knowing that, will help you to choose right tools and products.

Light Car Scratches

If the scratch damaged only the clear coat, it is very easy to fix. All you need is a good quality rubbing compound. Next, apply polishing compound for shine and paint protections. Finish it with wax.

Medium Car Scratches

If the scratch went into the paint, but have not damage the primer, start by sanding the area with a fine sanding paper. When the area is smooth, apply touch up paint in layers. Make sure to give each paint layer enough time to dry. Since each paint has different drying time, check the label for the instructions. When paint is dry, apply clear coat. To blend it in use rubbing compound, following it with polishing compound. Wait for a month before applying wax.

Deep Car Scratches

Fixing deep paint scratches will take just few more steps. First, check for the rust. If you see some rust development, sand it with a lower grit sanding paper and smooth it out with a fine grit. Now, you are ready to apply the primer. The main function of priming is to ensure that any successive layers of paint adhere to the surface properly. Apply 2-3 layers of primer giving each layer enough time to dry. After primer is dry, sand it with 600 grit paper. Touch-up paint should be applied also in layers. Paint can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to few hours to dry. When paint is dry apply clear coat for surface protection and shine.

After all layers are dry, repaired area might still stand out. To blend it in with rubbing compound or sand it with a find grit sanding paper. There is also a new product on the market called "clear coat blender" This product does exactly that, it blends the newly applied top coat with the old one. It needs to be sprayed when clear coat is still wet. Wait 30 days before applying wax.

As you can see it is very easy to repair car paint scratches at home. All you need is a good weather, right products and instructions.

For detailed step-by-step car paint repair guide visit my site. There is no good reason to pay someone hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money to repair car paint scratches when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

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The title of this article may open up a can of worms. A proclamation that, in theory, there is one sound system that fits perfectly for a given automobile without taking into consideration who will do the listening is missing the mark. Sure, if you are a person who enjoys plenty of thumping bass, then a system with all the appropriate gear and sub-woofer(s) is an ideal set up. Now, if you are a person who demands less pronounced bass and a more balanced performing sound system in your car, the gear will be different.

Every day in the U.S. a consumer is trying to decide on which auto audio system is best for them. It might be best to keep the process simple. The kind of sound the potential buyer finds enjoyable should help make the decision easier. He or she doesn't want to choose a lousy sound system just because they thought it had all the latest bells and whistles.

Car systems do not require that they be the loudest to be the best. In reality an auto sound system with poor sonic performance will come across as noise rather than music when played very loud. Bigger is not always better also. If super thunderous bass is desired, the likelihood of vast areas of your trunk of your vehicle being occupied greatly increases. Dynamite comes in small packages might be a important thing to remember. Your car, truck, or SUV might benefit from the same thinking. While speakers are not the most critical in regards to big sound, they are vitally important in determining the sonic performance of the whole system (you here that - it's another can of worms being opened). It must be said, though, the best equipment is only as good as its weakest part.

Finding the sound you like at the price you like is one of the challenges when selecting the sound system that is right for your car, truck, or SUV. Shopping around and comparing prices, and careful consideration should be applied before making a decision. A good auto sound system is not an impulse buy.

When buying a auto sound system, there are an abundance of things to consider. The first criteria should be that you like and are satisfied with the performance of the system. After all, only you can determine what is right for you. The money you spend will be put to good use if you keep this in mind.

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There's nothing more enjoyable than driving with your favorite music blasting through the speakers. That's why some folks like to invest in a good car audio system. Every vehicle comes with its own stock car audio system, but there's a large market industry where consumers can replace many or all the parts in the system. There are always new and more innovative models and devices with added features and stylish designs coming and going that keeps this industry alive. Consumers don't have to settle with their original car audio electronics, they can custom-make their own with better sound and quality.

If you feel that yours is insufficient or it simply does not suit your personality, you can always replace some components in your system or you could change the whole thing altogether for a more rockin' effect. But before you head to your local electronics store or check the online sites, here are some things that you need to know first.

Car audio electronics are usually composed of a head unit, which is the primary control device that sits on the center of the dash panel between the driver and the passenger. It's a multi-purpose device that usually houses multiple types of components such as a radio tuner with AM/FM bands, a CD player, DVD player, and a small amplifier for driving an audio signal to the speakers. Some may feature a USB flash memory and hard disk drive. Sometimes it comes with a DSP component and equalization component such as bass and treble controls.

A car audio electronic system is not complete without its speakers. Car speakers are basically identical in function to their larger counterparts with the exception of some key components specialized for mobile use. One difference is the multi-axial mounting of different types of speakers in the same footprint. The tweeter is mounted directly on top of the woofer. Another is the non-circular cone shapes, they could be square, oval or triangular. They are specifically designed to fit small spaces.

The construction of the speakers may also include more unique components more suitable for mobile use. They may contain some form of plating to prevent corrosion, they may be coated with a substance to help resist expansion and contraction under varying cabin temperatures.

Car audio electronics also need an amplifier, or most commonly known as car "amp". Although some head units contain an amplifier, some don't or they simply don't have enough power for the desired effect. In these cases, an external amplifier would do the trick. External amplifiers are usually mounted in different parts of the car. In most cases, they are installed in the trunk. Most external amps are commonly found in premium audio packages or in luxury cars.

Sub-woofers may also be included in some car audio electronic systems. They are a specific type of loudspeaker for low frequency reproduction. They are often used when the existing low frequency production is insufficient in frequency range and volume.

Modern and sophisticated mobile audio products are available for purchase online or in your nearest home electronics store. They vary in prices, designs and uses that would suit your preferences and needs. But be careful in choosing your car audio electronic system. There are some states and municipalities that have ordinances against extremely loud sound systems. Some places even outlawed those so called "boom cars" with loud stereo systems. They are said to disturb the peace and even cause some health problems. So choose wisely and make sure you don't end up disturbing any peace or causing any health problems.

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There are several different ways to connect your iPod to car audio system. In this article I want to talk about how to connect iPod to car radio. So you do not have to burn CD's anymore only to enjoy your favorite songs, it is really waste your time and money. The happy news is it does not require any wire to connect your iPod to your car radio. The only thing you need is an FM transmitter.

How it works?

The iPod FM transmitter uses an empty radio station in your location to play the iPod. Then it transmits the music from the iPod to your car radio in full stereo sound.

Here are the steps:

1. Plug your iPod into the FM transmitter.
2. Turn on both devices.
3. Choose the suitable frequency. And it must be less interfered.
4. Tune the car radio to that frequency.

With the 4 easy steps then you are able to listen the music from your iPod. It can be a simplest and cheapest choice. Choosing the FM transmitter that plugs into the car cigarette adapter is recommended because it allows for your iPod charging while the music is being played by the iPod.

Here are the benefits:

1. Wireless connect to your car audio system.
2. It is small and easy to carry.
3. Although it uses signal to transmit the sound to the car audio system, but the sound is clean and listenable.
4. You will never continually switching CD just in order to change the music.

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Seized car auctions are excellent events to attend if you are interested in finding a vehicle for much less than its blue book value. Another top feature of these auctions is the fact that there is such a huge supply of vehicles to choose from. Vehicle auctions from the government are truly a buyer's paradise for vehicles!

You may wonder just exactly how you can get the most out of a visit to the vehicle auction location in your state. How can buyers get the most out of these visits?

Know what you have come for. I've seen many people attend auctions without a clear goal in mind. They are overwhelmed by the selection of vehicles there to choose from. Know exactly what your needs are and why you have come.

If you have come to one of these auctions to buy the vehicles and resell them it is a good idea to look for vehicles that people in your market are interested in buying. As an example most people are interested in smaller vehicles that get better gas mileage. It would make no sense to look at bigger SUVs that maybe priced really low but may not sell in the market you are selling to.

If you are a buyer know exactly what your needs are. For instance if you are a family person a vehicle with four doors would suit you. Looking at small sports cars, that do look attractive, really is not a goal for your attending or buying at one of these car auctions.

And particularly important is to have some kind of mechanics background. If you don't ask a mechanic that you trust for tips in what to look for and used cars that you wish to buy. There is no need for them to come to the car auction but they can provide you with tips that will assist you.

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It is difficult to decide which is best among the various car leasing offers being advertised by manufacturers. Each person has their own particular situation, so leasing a vehicle may or may not be right for them. There are many factors to consider, such as:

How much time is best? Car leases are usually offered for 24, 36, or 48 months. Since new vehicles depreciate the most during the first two years, the 24 month lease will be the most expensive. The lease rate is calculated by the historical depreciation rate of a particular make and model, minus any dealer rebate and manufacturer discount. Thus a low depreciation vehicle will have the lowest lease rates, since the dealer knows it will have a high resale value at the end of the lease. Most manufacturers offer a comprehensive warranty for 36 months, so it is not a good idea to lease a car for longer than that, since major components begin to wear out during the fourth year.

Credit rating. Since a car lease is offered with little or no money up front, the credit history of an applicant becomes more critical. If it raises any red flags, they may have to pay higher rates, or be denied altogether. It will be difficult to get out of the lease if the lessee is unable to continue making payments.

Allowable mileage. Most leases specify twelve thousand miles a year, with extra charges for more than that. The contract specifies that the vehicle will not be driven over rough unpaved roads, will not exceed the mileage limit, and returned in good running condition with only minor wear and tear. If fuel economy is a concern, it may be best to lease an economical car for three years, and then see what is on the market. More hybrid and electric cars will be available.

Insurance. An automobile insurance policy should cover any minor accident, but if the vehicle is totaled, it may not cover what is still owed on the lease, so extra coverage may be needed.

Leasing a vehicle may not be for everyone, but it might be the right step for you.

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Information is always at your disposal any time you get connected to the internet. The internet is also the best place to visit when you want to buy a quality automobile at affordable price. The internet has a long list of online auto auction companies where you can register with and make your purchase. You can visit a lot of sites in order to improve your knowledge on how to get the best value in your locality.

Times are hard, and everyone wants to cut down on cost. Online auto auction helps you cut down on cost, while helping you get vehicles of best quality. Going to a showroom is one idea you do not want have anything to do with. These are certainly not the ideal period for such high spending. Why go to a showroom in the first place if you can almost certainly get a quality and inexpensive vehicle on the internet.

You can buy an SUV, a racy bike or any other expensive automobile at rates that are far below normal market value. Online auto sales avails you the rare opportunity of buying flashy automobiles at best value yet. As a matter of fact, you have great opportunity of choosing from a wide variety of vehicles on display.

Online auto sales almost like the live and physical government car auctions. Since you already have an internet connection and a computer, you make your bid by clicking on the car of your choice. This is your best chance to give wings to your dreams and imagination that you have been having for years. Participating at internet car bid is easy, and helps you save a lot of cost in the process.

Interestingly, these vehicles are seized by the police and other government law enforcement agencies. The highest bidder takes possession of his vehicle the moment payment is completed. Online car auctions is one of the most attractive ways people make use of when they want a cheap, but high quality vehicles. If you do not wish to physically present at government car auction venues, you can try register with any of the online automobile bid companies.

If you are a very busy person who may not have all the time in the world to visit government car auction venues, this is one opportunity you do not want to miss. It saves you a lot of time, energy and money.

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