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The front grill on your car performs a number of functions, both aesthetic and mechanical. Primarily the grill is there to allow air into the engine compartment for cooling purposes. As the car moves forward some of the air that would otherwise be deflected up & over the car is allowed into the engine space through the open lattice at the front of the car - the grill. The fact that it is way out in front of the car means that it is a highly visible item to other road users and passersby. Such a visible item cannot be allowed to be just a functional item - it must have style. That style needs to be instantly recognised by an onlooker such that the car brand is immediately associated with the car.

The style, shape and emblem are there on the front grill to reminder us of the car manufacturer - it is mobile advertising. It is not just an image statement for the manufacturer, it is a part of the style and looks that the owner has bought into and is showing to the world.

Part of the front grills weakness is, alas, is the fact that it is at the front. Any stray object in the car's way is likely to hit that grill. A cracked and damaged grill, although relatively inexpensive of itself, can make an otherwise well maintained car look shabby and uncared for. It would spoil the looks and image that suit car and owner. Why not have a stronger grill?

Designed to fail.

A stronger grill may prevent minor damage to itself but what about other parties involved? Directive 74/483/EEC says in item 5.2. 'The external surface of vehicles shall not exhibit... any projections of such shape, dimensions, direction or hardness as to be likely to increase the risk or seriousness of bodily injury to a person hit by the external surface... in the event of a collision'. Your grill is made so that it doesn't injure people in a crash. No wonder it can be so easily broken, but don't worry there is a cost effective way of finding replacement parts.

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