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It is very easy to repair car paint scratches and chips if you have good instructions and right tools. A scratch can go into 4 layers, clear coat, paint, primer and metal. Depending on how deep the scratch is, you would use different car paint repair technique. Here is what you need to do:

Before starting the repair, wash your car. Use auto soap that is specially designed to remove all the grease and wax to wash the scratched area. Next, determine how deep the scratch is. Knowing that, will help you to choose right tools and products.

Light Car Scratches

If the scratch damaged only the clear coat, it is very easy to fix. All you need is a good quality rubbing compound. Next, apply polishing compound for shine and paint protections. Finish it with wax.

Medium Car Scratches

If the scratch went into the paint, but have not damage the primer, start by sanding the area with a fine sanding paper. When the area is smooth, apply touch up paint in layers. Make sure to give each paint layer enough time to dry. Since each paint has different drying time, check the label for the instructions. When paint is dry, apply clear coat. To blend it in use rubbing compound, following it with polishing compound. Wait for a month before applying wax.

Deep Car Scratches

Fixing deep paint scratches will take just few more steps. First, check for the rust. If you see some rust development, sand it with a lower grit sanding paper and smooth it out with a fine grit. Now, you are ready to apply the primer. The main function of priming is to ensure that any successive layers of paint adhere to the surface properly. Apply 2-3 layers of primer giving each layer enough time to dry. After primer is dry, sand it with 600 grit paper. Touch-up paint should be applied also in layers. Paint can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to few hours to dry. When paint is dry apply clear coat for surface protection and shine.

After all layers are dry, repaired area might still stand out. To blend it in with rubbing compound or sand it with a find grit sanding paper. There is also a new product on the market called "clear coat blender" This product does exactly that, it blends the newly applied top coat with the old one. It needs to be sprayed when clear coat is still wet. Wait 30 days before applying wax.

As you can see it is very easy to repair car paint scratches at home. All you need is a good weather, right products and instructions.

For detailed step-by-step car paint repair guide visit my site. There is no good reason to pay someone hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money to repair car paint scratches when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

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Thanks for sharing this. Brilliant. I was about to book an appointment at a garage for a mechanic to repair some deep scratches on my car but I think I'm going to give this a go first!

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